Air Quality & Sensors

MSD Multifunction AQ sensor (RESET compliant)

  • Measures: - PM2.5 , PM10, TVOC, CO2, Rh, °C

  • Calculates—Averages minute, hour and 24 hour

  • Output—Modbus

  • Dimensions: H130mm x W130mm x D45mm

GO1  Multifunction AQ wall sensor 

  • Measures: VOC, CO2, Rh, °C

  • Ranges: Temp 0-50degC, VOC 0-30ppm, CO2 0-2000ppm, Rh 0-99%

  • Output options: Modbus / 0-10Vdc / 4-20mA

  • Dimensions: H130mm x W85mm x D36.5mm

  • Display option or blank panel

Data Acquisition Logger

  • Measures: up to 30 AQ devices

  • Internal memory to prevent data loss 

  • Modbus communications for other devices (ie: energy meters)

  • Remote communications and integration to BMS for site control

Starter Test Kits, Prototypes and Evaluation Solutions

  • Plug and play test kits that provide an immediate solution to start gathering AQ data

  • Special enclosures for testing multiple sensors - modbus, WiFi, IP

  • Sensors networks, wireless modbus, test and learn with differnet products

Foobot, Purrmetrics, Awair etc

Dashboards and Cloud Data

  • Automated Cloud data acquisition and integration to existing platform

  • Dashboard options and reporting platforms

  • Free Dashboard capabilities via industry standard platform


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