Making sense of your metering

Helping clients maximise the value of sub metering

Accurate and reliable energy data is critical for many key applications including tenant billing, cost apportionment, service charge management and a critical part of any serious reduction program or net zero strategy

Most buildings will contain some for of sub metering (metering beyond the main supply meters). These may have been fitted as part of building regulation (Part L)  in a new build or refurbishment. Many are retro fitted to monitor tenants, large supplies, new process lines etc. It is rare meters are installed without a reason. Unfortunately metering is all too often incorrectly installed or commissioned. Meters are connected to systems yet the data is not collected reliably if at all.

It doesnt take long to lose confidence in your metering and for them to become somewhat worthless.

This is a typical scenario across the UK, there are many reasons for meters and meters systems to partially fail or fail. These are normally due to the lack of experience with commissioning and managing meters.


Elcomponent can help you make sense of your metering

It is nobody's interest to have equipment that is under utilised, a metering system where meters are still read manually - this does not make sense. Elcomponent has 30year experience in helping clients monitor energy and we deploy that expertise to assit clients undertsnad and maximise their metering investments.

Elcomponent experts can tagrget cleints epcific issues, understand the problem, recommend a solution and if required re-commission, install, repair a solution. Ultimately to ensure the client has 100% confidence in their meering data

Ultimately all of our activities are focused on ensuring our clients

have accurate, complete  and timely data


Light and heavy industry require specialist expertise and solutions. Real time energy monitoring and reportings .....


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Solutions for commercial properties, tenant billing, energy management and meter enablement ....


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