Why Data2Analytics?

 'Hands on' experience with hardware and software solutions for remote air quality monitoring. Deep understanding of the need to deliver the value case.

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Health & Wellbeing (Air Quality)


The growing interest in employee and customer health and wellbeing, is only going to intensify. Property owners, property operators and employers are going to need strategies in place to ensure they have an understanding and a proactive approach to air quality. Data2Analytics has significant expertise with monitoring, data acquisition and analysis and can provide solutions to monitor and store air quality data for analysis.

Whilst not covering the full spectrum of health and wellbeing the specific topic of air quality is a logical starting point for most organisations. The value case, for anyone who is seriously considering managing the air quality within a building, is compelling and one that should not be ignored. Potential productivity improvements of 5-10% could have an enormous impact for medium and large employers.

Projects can be implemented either as a monitoring R&D exercise or aligned with a full technical approach to delivering automated air quality to maximise employee comfort and productivity.

Data2Analytics can provide supporting technical and value case services and with partners, can advise on wider Health and Wellbeing topics allowing clients to take a leading position in what will become a business critical activity.


Scope of Services


  • Air quality sensors

  • Data acquisition strategy and implementation

  • Data acquisition services

  • Equipment selection and operations


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