IoT Data Logging

GM331 Modbus Logger

The GMU331 is a smart gateway for acquiring data from a large number of Modbus devices, automation systems, and compatible ionSign data acquisition products. It is autonomous, fault tolerant and easily installed

GM191 Modbus/Pulse/Analogue Logger

The GMU191 is a powerful and versatile data acquisition device for remote monitoring and industrial internet (IoT) applications.

  • Integrated 3G GSM module

  • 8 open collector inputs for pulse counting or relay inputs for digital switches

  • 10 current (4 – 20 mA) or voltage (2 – 10V) signal inputs

  • PT1000 temperature sensor input

  • 2 RS485 interfaces (Modbus master & slave)

Automated Cloud Data Acquisition & Integration

Automated data acquisition for data storage and integration to existing systems.

Integration API direct to hardware devices for OEM and direct integration projects


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