Making sense of your energy

Helping clients maximise their energy and sustainability strategies

Accurate and reliable energy data is critical for any serious reduction program or net zero strategy

There are many solutions and options for meeting targets but all options have to include energy reduction. Its no longer viable to assume targets can be met through energy purchasing and offsets. Reduction will play an ever increasing role and for this, clients need accurate and robuust energy data.




Monitoring of site consumption is critical for quantifiable identification of savings and tracking of reduction measures.  Equally important is the ongoing tracking for anomalies or drifting from the optimised state.

Additionally, engagement and tenant billing play a key role in an overall energy reduction strategy


Monitoring of site generation loads and aggregation across many sites can provide oversight for carbon, energy and maintenance reporting

Ultimately all of our activities are focused on ensuring our clients

have accurate, complete  and timely data



  • Timely identification of energy saving opportunities  based on real data

  • Readily available data for multiple users  allows organisation wide participation in energy reduction and waste identification.

  • Simple engagement with workers, management and tenants to improve knowledge, transparency and inform energy waste reduction programs

  • Regulatory, reporting and kpi reporting based on accurate energy is simple and automated saving time and effort whilst increasing accuracy and visibility

  • Elcomponent brings an unrivalled track record meaning our clients benefit from the 1000’s of hours of learning, understanding and maintaining energy monitoring systems

Typically comprising of:

  • Energy management and monitoring systems

  • Turn key installation, commissioning and cloud analytics platform

  • Remote and on-site support and maintenance services

  • New meters, data loggers, data collection solutions


Light and heavy industry require specialist expertise and solutions. Real time energy monitoring and reportings .....


Working with  consultants and service providers to enhance and support our partners propositions .....


Solutions for commercial properties, tenant billing, energy management and meter enablement ....


Services to ensure your metering is installed, commissioned and operating correctly .....


30 years experience with providing sub metering solutions for cost reduction and sustainability reporting .....


Flexible products suitable for all applications. Carefully selected and tested for robustness and value .....


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