Working with Partners

Elcomponent successfully works with many partners ranging from multinationals facilities management companies to BMS providers and energy consultants.

The key factor for successful cooperation is the joint focus on delivering the best solution for the end client.

Elcomponent wants to work with partners to enhance their propositions. Utilising our expertise allows our partners to focus on their core propositions which means delivering the best of both worlds the their end clients.

Delivering the best solution for the end client requires colaboration and cooperation. Partner propositions enhanced by Elcomponent core skills can deliver the best client outcomes

Examples of Partner services


Branded aM&T Platform

Utilise the leading cloud aM&T branded for your company. Partial or full system management options


BMS Optimisation

Working with partners we collaboratively promote reduction schemes through cooperation/shared metering and data collection and services


MID Meter Audits

Elcomponent can support partners with specialist audits and meter commissioning


Air Quality

Experienced with delivering RESET projects we can provide sensors, data collection and installation services. Working with consultannts for full RESET accreditation

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Data Collection

Providing hardware and installation for data collection to our partners existing or own platforms

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Cost Apportionment

Working with partners to create transparent, accurate and simple to operate cost apportionment strategies


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